Tips on Hosting a Fun Wine Tasting Party

Wine goes perfectly with friends who just want to have fun. Hosting their wine will be a great experience that will be ever relieved. Whether you’ve tried hosting a wine tasting party before or you haven’t, this article will expose you to seemingly new things you must know before inviting people over.

If you are looking forward to doing something fun and classy, there are several things to do and get ready before inviting them over. Also, you must have some items ready. First is the wine cooler. You can’t be planning a wine tasting party, and there’s no cooler.

Don’t forget that experience is very key at a party. If you want your guests to continually remember that you hosted a fun wine party, you must do it well. It is okay if your friends don’t know much about wines, but you are hosting them, so you must know certain things. Such as the best temperature for white and red wines, rules for drinking wines, etc.

Here are tips you must not miss out on:

Do some background research:

After all, it’s a tasting party, and you want your friends to try out new wines. You can read books on how to do this perfectly. Learn about wine pairings, tips for serving, methods of tasting wines, and identifying flavors.

Try tasting party ideas:

This means choosing a theme. Deciding on wine tasting party ideas may be a big deal. However, some people already are up with a few strategies:

a. Taste horizontally:

Try out wines from different producers but different regions. Compare how climates affect winemaking.

b. Taste vertically:

Try out old and new bottles of the same wine. Does age affect taste and aroma?

c. Taste the kinds:

Try out red wines, sweet wines, fortified wines, aged wines, sparkling wines, and white wines. But, know the order of serving; lighter wine comes first.

d. Indulge in a blind tasting:

You can cover the label on the bottle or place it in a paper bag. Are expensive wines easily discernible?

e. Taste by region:

Try out wines made from different places.

3. Choose wine pairings:

Wine is always paired with foods. However, you can have wine with several courses or appetizers if you cannot deal with food. This is to prevent drinking wine on an empty stomach. Inform or allow them to taste the wine before serving the food.

Wine served with a full-course meal or brunches like pizza, popcorn, and chips isn’t a bad idea. You can also check online for better wine serving ideas.

4. Invite your guests:

Send invitations via social media, call, text, or invitation cards. Tell them what to bring along, including the date, time, and location of the party. Tell them what the party will be like.

What they should bring along—for example, you could tell your friends to come along with their favorite bottle of wine so that you won’t have to curate everything.

5. Gather your supplies:

Items like corkscrews, wine opener, spittoon, ice bucket to chill wines instead of running to the fridge, a white table cloth to see the color of wines, an aerator or decanter, and a tasting grid to write down their impressions of wines.


Hosting a wine tasting party is all about the fun. If there’s no fun, then you haven’t done anything. It’s a good rule to start with the lightest before full-bodied. Invite people with similar knowledge.

Don’t add up a person who is exceptionally good with wine to the invite list, or else the person will go about showing off.